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To begin with, the Victoria Falls are legendary - a ferocious curtain of water seventeen hundred metres wide that plunges deep into ghe gorge of the Zambezi. Upstream from the falls the river is placid. Zambezi National Park preserves 56,000 acres along the river. Fishing camps along the shore take angler out after tiger fish. Wildlife can be viewed in cruises along the river and explorations into the park's interior.

Downstream from the falls, the river offers spectacular whitewhater rafting. Adventures range from a day or two to a spectacular week of rafting all the way to Lake Kariba. This huge inland is sea adorned with submarine forests, open skies and spectacular sunsets.

South of the Falls lies Hwange National Park, one of the few great elephant sanctuaries left in Africa. The park is a slice of 14,000 square kilometers that boasts over a hundred different species of animals and 400 species of birds.

Further to the southeast is Zimbabwe's"second city," Bulawayo. Outside Bulawayo rise the ancient Matopos hills, a world of knobbly grantie outcrops preserved in Matopos National Park. Cecil Rhodes himself was so bewitched by the mysterious formations that he chose it as his burial place.

Giving the country its name is Great Zimbabwe. This great medieval city was the centerpiece of a burgeoning African civilization that lasted for several centuries. Today, this sprawling archipelago of hewn stone is the greatest archaeological site in sub-Saharan Africa.

Special thanks to the Zimbabwe Ministry of Enviornment and Tourism for providing this information.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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