Top Ten U.S. National Parks

GORP's Top 10 Favorite Parks

The democracy enabling wizadry of the Web has enfranchised GORP readers to wade in with their picks for the nation's favorite parklands. From the Atlantic's kayak-friendly waters to the highest Rockies peaks to the cracked earth of the California desert, GORP readers have spoken.

Needless to say, the poll we ran attracted some opinionated voices! GORP readers have visited parks across America—climbing to find the best mountaintop views, walking for miles in search of the most remote trails, and taking two-wheelers blazing along the skinniest single-tracks. And GORPers shared those national parklands experiences with the GORP community through the Park Poll, rating the following factors on a scale of one to five: scenery, crowds, facilities/infrastructure, visitor centers/staff, and in-park lodging.

Without further ado, the winners, please.


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