Top Ten Scenic Drives in the United States

Top 10 U.S. Scenic Drives

When did you first learn to drive?

When I was sixteen, my dad taught me how to drive stick on a rusted-out, hand-me-down station wagon. The car was older than I was, put out precious little heat—this in the middle of an Alaskan winter—and had a tendency to break down on the way to school. But being behind the wheel of that green piece of junk meant I didn't have to wait for the bus or my parents. I could run to the grocery store, swing by a fast-food joint. I could even get the hell out of Dodge—and what could be more appealing to a teenager than a road trip?

If you're looking for a good road to cruise, get ready to round up the gang and put the pedal to the metal: The beauty of America's great outdoors is just a quick trip away, and GORP's going to help you find it. Steer clear of the interstate this weekend and take a spin down one of the scenic, two-lane byways and back roads that crisscross the United States. Here are GORP's top ten scenic drives—one for each region of the country—so take your pick and hit the road!



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