Adventure in Grenada

Beyond the Beach

If you just wanted to lie on the beach, soaking up rays with a fruity drink in one hand and a trashy novel in the other, there are a million places you could go. So let's narrow down the search for tropical paradise — somewhere far from the madding crowd, the tourist traps, and the vacation-as-usual.

Just 60 miles north of Venezuela lies an island barely larger than the District of Columbia. In addition to the glories of sun, sand, and island life, this Caribbean gem offers hikers trails that wind through verdant rain forest and up volcanic peaks — where lush vegetation plays host to a great diversity of birds and wildlife. Rollicking single-track rolls bikers past exotic fruit trees and surf-carved cliffs. Reefs, wrecks, and crystal-clear waters thrill snorkelers and scuba divers with marvels beneath the surface. Where can you find all these natural wonders? Look no further than the island of Grenada.

Yes, that's the same Grenada that former president Ronald Reagan hit with Operation "Urgent Fury" back in 1983. Invasion? Intervention? Whatever the case, the trouble is long since over. You'll find that the Isle of Spice (Grenada is the world's second-largest exporter of nutmeg, and the largest producer of spices per square mile) is all the better for having fallen off the radar of most U.S. tourists.

Compared to its better known neighbors, Grenada is a pristine Caribbean paradise, perfect for a relaxing tropical getaway, a rugged, active vacation, or a little of both. So pack your bags, skip the usual Caribbean hot spots, and experience the best that Grenada has to offer!


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