Raven Site

Arizona Archaelogical Adventure
By Mark Harris

Did you ever in your life want to participate in an archeology dig? To reach down in the earth and pull out 600 year old relics? To experience first hand the day to day lifestyle of a real archeologist? Have you ever wondered how to read a story locked deep inside the hundreds of pieces of broken clay pots, bone jewelry and stone tools? You can do all of this at the White Mountain Archaeological Center at Raven Site. All you need is a passion for adventure and learning, no fancy degree necessary.

Nestled on a hill overlooking the Little Colorado River lie the ruins of a prehistoric city that was abandoned over six hundred years ago. The ruins were left undisturbed until earlier this century, when the first wave of looters desecrated the site. The ruins are now run as a non-profit research project. But first a second wave of looters had to be foiled. This is a fascinating story of creative ingenuity in the service of our common heritage.

Raven Site

Discovering the Dig
Who Lived at the Raven Site
Founding the Center
Life at the Dig
Directions to the Site
Further Reading

A Note from the Author Mark Harris:
Part time adventure traveler, eco-tourist, and road trip wanderer, I love to meet new people, go new places and share the stories. I hope this piece will help inform and educate readers about the fine folks at Raven Site and their undying devotion.

I am currently employed by a really big bio-tech company doing photography, video and 3D animation.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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