Grand Floral Parade - Wildflowers along the Appalachian Trail

Mountain Laurel

Latin name: Kalmia latifolia
Flower: Growing in clusters, the nearly one-inch, cup-shaped flowers vary from pink to white. Radiating from the center, the flower's ten anthers create a distinctive spoke design.
Average bloom season: May to July
Leaves and stems: The shrub usually grows from five to ten feet in height, but can, on rare occasions, reach as high as 35 feet. The evergreen leaves are sometimes confused with rhododendron leaves, but are smaller and more slender.
Range in AT states: Georgia to portions of New England
Most likely AT locations: Near Bull Gap in Georgia; on Little Rock Knob on the Tennessee/North Carolina border; throughout Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania; near Benedict Pond and upon the north slope of Race Mountain in Massachusetts.

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