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  • Go to Dunn's River Falls despite the hordes of tourists and vendors you're likely to encounter there. Skip the group tour. Instead, take a shuttle or taxi to the park and hire a private guide to lead you up the spectacular falls.
  • Wander around the Cranbrook Flower Forest, a sprawling garden with fountains, ponds, and a restored, 200-year-old sugar mill. The green lawns open to the Riverhead Adventure Trail, which follows Little River through untamed rain forest. A steep, rugged path grows leads to a spring-fed pool where you can swim.
  • Descend into darkness at Green Grotto Caves, where a subterranean lake holds blind fish. En route, you'll pass through the upper cavern, where daylight seeps in through holes in the roof and illuminates stalactites and rock formations.
  • Hearty hikers can explore the magnificent Blue Mountains, which stretch east to west for 28 miles (45 kilometers). The summit of Blue Mountain Peak (7,402 feet/2,256 meters) takes five hours to reach, with shorter hikes possible along more than 20 other trails.
  • Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours runs a tour that goes uphill by bus from Ocho Rios to Holywell Recreational Park, an elevation gain of 5,600 feet, and downhill by bike back to Ocho Rios.
By Travel Expert: Lynne Sullivan

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