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  • Innumerable hiking trails, exciting rock climbing, camping, trout fishing, and great paddling are all within a short drive of the city.
  • Since Atlanta is located at the nexus of varied physiographic provinces of Georgia, area residents can head in all four cardinal directions to find different settings in which to camp. There are mountains to the north, ridge and valley country to the west, and the Piedmont to the south and east.
  • Nearby state parks and the greater Chattahoochee National Forest offer Atlantans many equestrian opportunities. Fort Mountain State Park is an exemplary choice for horse enthusiasts. Located in the North Georgia Mountains, this park offers more than 30 miles of horse trails. Plus, it has an on-site stable for horse rentals. Highlights include circling the entire Fort Mountain and traveling to a waterfall.
  • Lots of folks think "mountains" when they think outdoor adventure, and Atlanta provides a perfect access point to the southern Appalachians. The southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail is a short drive from Atlanta, and the North Georgia mountains are rich in other hiking trails, trout streams, whitewater, rock climbing, and more. Tennessee and North Carolina's mountains are just a couple of hours away by car.

By Travel Expert: Johnny Molloy

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