Saguaro National Park

Scenic Driving
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park (Kent Knudson/Photodisc/Getty)

The Loop Drive
The Cactus Forest Loop Drive is a scenic route through the lower elevations of the park. It is eight miles in length and is paved. This road is open to motorized vehicles and joggers as well as bicyclists. For the safety of everyone using the loop drive, bicycles must obey traffic signs, including direction of travel (most of the loop drive is a one-way road), speed limit, and stop signs.

The loop drive is narrow with many tight turns and steep hills. Maintain an appropriate speed for the conditions and slow down before curves or hills. Take extra caution on the steep hill at the beginning of the one-way road as it has a sharp right-hand turn at the bottom.

Scenic Drive in Saguaro West
The six-mile Bajada Loop Drive passes through dense saguaro forests. This graded dirt road begins 1.5 miles from the information center. A guidebook is available. Persons with motorhomes or trailers should check road conditions before starting the drive.

Scenic Drive in Saguaro East
The eight-mile Cactus Forest Drive winds through the heart of an extensive saguaro forest and offers a close leisurely look at a variety of Sonoran Desert life. This one-way road, which begins at the visitor center, is paved.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 7 Jan 2011
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