Mammoth Cave National Park


Fishing in the Green and Nolin Rivers is good throughout the year, with spring and summer being most productive. Black bass, crappie, bluegill, muskellunge, and catfish, along with almost 100 other species, frequent the river. State creel and size limits apply (see below), but you do not need a state fishing license as long as you fish within park boundaries. In the park, you can fish with pole and line, rod and reel, or trot and throwline; other methods, including limb lines and jug lines, are prohibited. If you use trot lines, you must attach a tag with your name and address, place hooks 30 or more inches apart, tend your lines daily, and remove lines when you are not using them.

At Sloans Crossing Pond and First Creek Lake, using any live bait other than worms is prohibited; on the rivers, you can use minnows or worms. Using bait seines in the park is strictly regulated, so please check with rangers for specific rules and regulations. Because park wildlife is protected, collecting frogs, turtles, mussels, etc. and digging for bait are strictly prohibited.

Current Kentucky Fish Limits

Species Daily Possession Size
Black Bass 10 20 12"
Rock Bass 15 30 n/a
Crappie 30 60 n/a
Walleye 10 20 15"
Sauger 10 20 n/a
Muskellunge 2 2 30"
Northern Pike 5 10 n/a


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