Decade of the Wolf

A Yellowstone wolves' retrospective
Gray wolf, Yellowstone
 (Photo © Corbis)

It has been ten years since the first relocated packs of gray wolves ran from their accilimation pens toward a new home in Yellowstone. Here, GORP takes a look back at its coverage, plus that from our partner site, Outside Online. A dramatic, often controversial project, the decade since these animals were reintroduced has brought joyous success, yet more controversy, and a glimmer of hope for the majestic animals that once roamed freely over most of North America.

We're joined by award-winning nature writer Gary Ferguson and Wolf Project leader Doug Smith with their reflections on the last ten years and what this decade of revival has meant for the future of the wolf. They are the authors of the new Decade of the Wolf , an intimate account of the gray wolf's Yellowstone odyssey, complete with over 50 full-color prints. It is available April 2005 from Lyons Press.

Decade of the Wolf
Gary Ferguson and Doug Smith reflect on a decade of survival, hope, and setbacks, plus ruminate about what lies around the corner for Yellowstone's gray wolves.

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Decade of the Wolf

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Wolves in the Wild

Published: 21 Mar 2005 | Last Updated: 7 Nov 2011
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