Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park (Robin Hill/Digital Vision/Getty)


The best way to experience the Everglades is on one of the trails, many of which are paved or wooden boardwalks. All of the following are wheelchair accessible and less than a mile:

Anhinga Trail Royal Palm Visitor Center is possibly the best place to look for alligators, birds, and other wildlife. A narrated audio tape is available for loan. Paved with a wooden boardwalk.

Gumbo-Limbo Trail Also at Royal Palm is a hardwood hammock trail illustrating the tropical forest trees reminiscent of Central America. Paved.

Pinelands Trail An often missed but truly fascinating trail through the original "fire forests" of Florida. Watch for holes along the sides! Paved, though often narrow and uneven.

Pahayokee Overlook This is a good place to see the vast stretches of sawgrass sweeping to the horizon and islands of cypress trees. A short observation tower is accessible by ramp.

Mahogany Hammock Trail This trail leads through a tropical mahogany jungle, including the largest mahogany in the U.S. Following the trail counter-clockwise will make two small inclines easier. Boardwalk.

West Lake Trail Leads through the fascinating mangrove forest to West Lake. An accessible restroom is located at the parking area of this trail. Boardwalk.

Bobcat Hammock Located at Shark Valley, this trail goes through both hammock and open sawgrass environments. Boardwalk.

Dirt Roads There are other trails at Long Pine Key and Flamingo that used to be dirt roads. Depending on the season, these may be muddy or passable. Check with rangers for the latest trail conditions and maps.


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