Black Hills National Forest

Hiking Baldy Trail, Rimrock Trail & Little Spearfish Trail

Three interconnected trails form a network of several loops, so you can create trips of varying length. The limestone rims along Little Spearfish Creek show the power of water erosion as they provide a natural backdrop to the pine, spruce and aspen. Trailhead parking is next to Timon campground on Road 222, and farther west on Road 134.

The view from 6100 foot Old Baldy Mountain includes Ragged Top, Terry Peak, Cement Ridge and Crow Peak. Little Spearfish Trail passes the foundation of an old ranger station. Winter scenes from the movie Dances with Wolves were filmed here.

Location: 18 miles south of Spearfish or 4 miles west of Savoy
Lengths: Old Baldy 6 miles; Rimrock 6 miles; Little Spearfish 6 miles Elevation: 5300 to 6300
Difficulty: Moderate

To learn more about this unique area, stop at Savoy and view the exhibits at the Homestake Natural History and Cultural Center.

Old Baldy Trail

Elevation: 5,800 to 6,096 feet
Length: Loop - 6.1 mile; Spur Trail to Summit - 0.8 mile
Difficulty: More Difficult
Location: From Spearfish: Trailhead is approximately 13 miles on 134. From Savoy: take 222 after 6 miles turn right on 134 Follow 134 for 1.2 miles to Trailhead on the left.

This trail is maintained for mountain bikers, hikers, and horsebackers. The trail begins at the Old Baldy Trailhead. A 1.0 mile long trail connecting Old Baldy Trail to Rimrock Trail can be accessed from this location.

The Old Baldy Trail loop meanders through stands of quaking aspen, paper birch, and ponderosa pine. The spur trail, from the loop, continues up to the summit of Old Baldy Mountain. The view from the top of Old Baldy Mtn. includes Crow Peak to the north, Ragged Top and Terry Peak to the east and Cement Ridge Lookout to the west.

Wild turkeys, white-tail deer, elk, and a variety of non-game bird species are commonly sighted along this trail.

Little Spearfish Trail & Rim Rock Trail

Spectacular views of limestone cliffs are complimented by the ambience of Little Spearfish Creek. The trail begins at the trailhead but can be accessed at numerous areas along the trail, apparent on the trail map. Both trails meander through stands of ponderosa pine, quaking aspen and paper birch.

5,480 to 6,280 feet
5,320 to 6,040 feet

Difficulty: More Difficult
Location: Trailhead is approximately 18 miles Southwest of Spearfish, up Highway 14-A to Savoy and 4 miles West on 222.

These trails are designed and maintained for hikers, horsebackers, and mountain bikers.

The Rimrock Trail is bisected into a"Lower" 3.5 mile loop and an "Upper" 4.5 mile loop. The middle trail provides mountain bikers and others a more gentle route out of Little Spearfish Canyon.

The foundation of an old Ranger Station and a root cellar can be seen between Timon C.G. and Rod and Gun C.G.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication



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