Top Ten National Parks for Biking

Grand Teton National Park
To give your next biking trip a wild, western backdrop, complete with marquee beasties and soaring, snow-capped mountains, head to Grand Teton National Park .

The Teton range rises to more than 7,000 feet above the Wyoming landscape, and 12 of those peaks soar higher than 12,000 feet above sea level—high enough to support a dozen mountain glaciers. This park is the home where the buffalo roam—along with moose, pronghorn, and elk—so pack your camera and your binoculars before you get rolling.

On the Road

Teton Park Road is a 44-mile scenic gem. As it loops through the park from Moose to Jackson Lake Junction and back again, the road winds alongside two spectacular lakes, the Teton Range always in sight. Pull out your camera during the three-mile spin along the shores of Jenny Lake, where the tallest Teton peaks await your viewfinder. Up for a scenic side trip? A five-mile spur road climbs to the summit of Signal Mountain, one mile south of Signal Mountain Lodge and Campground. At the top, 800 feet above the valley, take in a panoramic view of the entire Teton Range, Jackson Lake, and most of Jackson Hole.

Hit the Trail

Head west of Jackson and the park for the physical and technical challenge of Black Canyon Creek. You'll want to set up a shuttle for this 11-mile, one-way, off-road ride, leaving one car where Old Pass Road and Wyoming Route 22 split, then continuing on to the summit of Teton Pass (8,431 feet). Grind up a tough three-mile climb, take a quick breath, and snap some photos (the Snake River Valley lies below). After challenging your legs and lungs, test your bike-handling skills—and your brakes—on the eight-mile descent. Curving back and forth across the hillside, popping in and out of the woods, the trail drops toward Black Canyon Creek—an aptly named waterway that runs beneath the dim forest canopy.


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