The Seven Best Beach Trips

A beach on the Seychelles
A beach on the Seychelles  (Photodisc/Getty)
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We’ve made our thoroughly opinionated picks, but—as with most things—it really all comes down to personal taste. So check out the rest of the thousands of aquatic trips on offer from our partner site Adventure Finder ! And let us know what we missed in this article’s comments.

As much as we love the snow-covered world of winter, sometimes all we yearn for in those darker, more dismal days is the sand between our toes, squinting in the bright sun, and trying to decide which activity—surfing, diving, hiking, fishing—to do first. If you share that mid-winter desire, read on and choose from these, our seven favorite beach-centric package trips.

Visit Your Own Private Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, Belize
Picture yourself on a private island...lost in the Caribbean and forgotten by the world. No modern conveniences, no schedules, no problems. The all-inclusive vacation from Slickrock Adventures includes a full week of sea kayaking, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kite boarding, surfing, and fishing—as well as just lazing about on perfect beaches.

Sun and Sea at Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico
Let the Sierra Club warm your spirit—and your skin—with a six-day exploration of Puerto Rico’s remote Vieques island. Take guided kayak trips, snorkel, and relax on beautiful sandy beaches, learn about the island’s complex history, and paddle in the world-famous bioluminescent bay.

Take an Oceania Odyssey in Palau
Of all the many archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean, Palau is our favorite. Join Boundless Journeys on this ten-day trip and you’ll likely agree. Go sea kayaking and snorkeling in the Rock Islands, paddle to hidden marine lakes, hike to waterfalls deep in the rainforest, and discover remnants of WWII archaeology.

Camp and Kayak in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
The emerald green seas of Phang Nga Bay are dotted with verdant, limestone isles, and home to whole ecosystems teeming with a variety of plants and animals. This four-day tour with Backyard Travel will drop you into the best of the Visine-clear waters off Thailand.

Mango Creek Lodge Eco Adventuring, Honduras
Roatan's mountainous terrain and pristine reef make it an ideal place for eco-adventuring, and Mango Creek Lodge is ideally located to take advantage of both. Spend six days hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and diving off the shore of Port Royal, and bed down each night in the pristine comfort of the lodge.

US Virgin Islands – Anegada Island Kayak
This tiny British island 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda is often referred to as "the last virgin." Just nine miles long, with approximately 150 inhabitants, the island is surrounded by an extensive and treacherous barrier reef that’s has claimed hundreds of shipwrecks over the years—which means remot access, killer diving and snorkeling, righteous fly-fishing, and some of the most diverse bird life in the eastern Caribbean. A week will barely cut it…

Seychelles Islands: Cruises in the Garden of Eden
Your home base with Adventure Life for this journey into the tropical world off Africa’s western coast is the 49-passegner ship, Pegasus. Eight days might seem like enough, but we suspect thoughts of mutiny to stay there occur each time the boat starts to head back to harbor.

Published: 23 Oct 2012 | Last Updated: 11 Feb 2013
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