Adirondacks State Park

Long Lake Section

Main Route - From the head of Long Lake, proceed down Long Lake for 4.5 miles to Long Lake Village. (Note: Long Lake is the last opportunity to replenish supplies until you reach the Trading Post at Fish Creek). Two Catlin Bay lean-tos are located about 2 miles beyond Long Lake Village on the southeast shore of the lake. To locate them, look for a summer cottage that stands out prominently on the southeast shore where the lake begins to widen. Pass this and two other points that are not far apart and swing to the right into a small bay. The first lean-to is in view on the south side of the point. The other lean-to is just beyond, around the north point of the bay, just out of sight in the woods. Numerous other lean-tos are also found on Long Lake: Hidden Cove lean-to is found in a bay on the southeastern shore before you reach Round Island;. two miles further, there are two lean-tos located on high ground overlooking the lake at Kelly Point; on the southeastern shore of Long Lake at Rodney Point (about six miles below Long Lake Village) there are two lean-tos; two more lean-tos are located on the southeast shore at Plumley's Landing; Island House lean-to is 0.75 mi. below Plumbley's Point; and there are seven lean-tos at Wilderness Camps on the northwest shore opposite Island House lean-to, approximately 8.5 miles down the lake.

From Long Lake Village, it is 9.5 miles to the foot of the lake where you enter the Raquette River. Pay attention, the channel from the lake is tricky, especially when the water is low. To the extreme right, boulders on the shore indicate a channel that is impassable in low water. To the left of this channel is a long marsh tipped by a sand dune that juts out toward the lake, the main channel is to the left of this point, along the edge of a curving sandy shallow. Still further to the left is what appears to be another channel - avoid it.

Shortly after entering the river, Lost Channel comes in on the right. Pass it by. The lean-to is just beyond on the left bank. Leaving this camp, a big, oval boulder is seen ahead. The land beyond it is an island. To continue down Raquette River, take the channel to the left; the Deep Hole lean-to is on the west bank of Raquette River at the mouth of Cold River. Take the right-hand channel, turn sharp right again where Cold River comes in to reach Caulkins Creek lean-to on Cold River. It is one mile upstream to the lean-to on the left bank. On leaving this camp, follow the right bank downstream into Raquette below the island mentioned above. Travelers from the opposite direction often lose considerable time by mistaking where Cold River comes in at the north end of the island for the main branch of Raquette.

Six miles below the outlet is the carry around Raquette Falls. Located on the east bank of the river, the carry is plainly marked. The trail goes along an old tote road for 1.25 miles to the foot of the falls where a lean-to, a small clearing and the caretaker's cabin are located. About 0.5 mile below the foot of the falls, there is a lean-to on the east side of the river, one at the junction of Palmer Brook, and another 0.5 mile below the junction of Palmer Brook. At the foot of the falls you may put in again and canoe 6 miles farther down the river to Axton. The Stony Creek lean-to is located just above Axton, near the intersection of the outlet of Stony Creek Ponds and the Raquette.

Approximately five miles below Raquette Falls the river makes its bend to the northwest in a broad reach As one enters this stretch, three large boulders are prominent ahead on the right shore. The insignificant Stony Creek Ponds outlet comes in on the right, just upstream from these boulders. You can see a highway bridge up Stony Creek Outlet to the right If you want to go to the Saranacs, follow Stony Creek Outlet as described in the Saranac section. If you want to go to Tupper Lake, follow Raquette River northwesterly toward Axton.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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