Adirondacks State Park

Northville-Placid Trail

Section B—Piseco to Wakely Dam
32.85 miles

This section of trail leads through one of the most remote and wild areas (West Canada Lakes Wilderness) in the Adirondacks. The trail follows an old logging road to Spruce Lake, but from Spruce to West Canada Lake the country was not opened until the trail was put through. Magnificent stands of spruce and hardwood exist throughout the region.

The area from West Canada Lakes to the Cedar River although lumbered in the past is rapidly returning to a wilderness condition. This section of rolling upland offers pleasant views of numerous waterbodies including Cedar Lakes and the Cedar River Flow. There are no hotels, stores or permanent camps north of Piseco in this section.

MAPS: Piseco Lake, West Canada Lakes and Indian Lake Quadrangles

Miles Trail Description

00.00 Trail bears right on Haskell Rd. and follows blue markers up the road (paved for 1.75 miles). A trail register and information booth is located 0.1 mile from the Cold Stream bridge.

05.20 The trail crosses Fall Stream and follows its north bank.

07.65 The trail crosses the Jessup River.

08.00 An unmarked trail to the right leads to International Paper Company access roads and NYS Route 30.

08.60 The trail crosses Bloodgood Brook.

10.25 Spruce Lake (2,378' elev.) is on the left with three lean-to's along the east shore. The trail continues northeast crossing the rocky outlet of Balsam Lake.

13.80 The trail crosses the outlet of Sampson's Bog.

15.35 A side trail (red markers) on the right leads to Perkins Clearing 15.2 miles and Speculator 22.15 miles.

15.55 The trail crosses West Canada Creek on a large bridge. Mud Lake (2,345' elev.) is on the right.

15.70 West Canada Creek lean-to.

16.10 South lake (2,345' elev.) a pond of 0.15 sq. mile is on the left. At the north shore on the left is a lean-to.

16.75 West Canada Lake (2,367' elev.), a major source of West Canada Creek, is 0.41 sq. mile in area, high and wild. The trail strikes its eastern end at the two lean-tos and a cleared area (former Interior Caretaker's Headquarters).A register is located here. A red marked trail to the left (2.55 miles) leads to Brook Trout Lake. A lean-to is located on the east end of the lake. These lakes and West Canada Creek are trout waters. A yellow marked trail continues north approximately 4 miles and enters the Moose River Recreation Area. The Northville-Placid trail follows the blue trail markers eastward across the clearing at the eastern end of West Canada Lake.

17.35 The trail skirts the north shore of Mud Lake.

18.85 The trail crosses the survey line of the Totten and Crossfield Patent, first land grant in this region.

20.00 Kings Pond Outlet is crossed with the trail paralleling this trout water for a short distance.

20.50 The trail crosses the inlet to Cedar Lakes. a chain of three connected ponds 0.56 sq. mile in area. A lean-to is located 0.50 miles to the right (yellow markers) on the north shore of Third Lake.

22.50 The trail crosses the channel between Beaver Pond and Cedar Lakes and follows along the lakes' north shore. A side trail to the right (just prior to the bridge crossing of the channel) climbs a small bank and leads to a lean-to in about 150 feet.

22.80 A yellow marked side trail leads north 2.2 miles to Lost Pond and continues on approximately 8 miles to Otter Brook Road and the Moose River Recreation Area.

23.40 A short (0.2 mile) distance upstream from the Cedar Lakes Dam was the site of the former Cedar Lake HQ, where a lean-to is now located. Cedar trees were planted here and can still be seen by the lakeshore. The dam itself is a relic of past lumbering activity and was reconstructed by the DEC in 1967. A register booth is located in this area. The main trail follows the Cedar River. A trail across the dam (yellow markers) leads southeast around Noisey Ridge. This trail continues to Perkins Clearing 9.2 miles, and Speculator, 16.15 miles.

23.75 The trail swings left away from the Cedar River and rejoins it at 25.25 miles.

27.00 Trail junction on the right with the Sucker Brook (red markers) trail. This trail leads eastward 7.9 miles to Lewey Lake Public Campground and NYS Route 30. Colvin Brook lean-to is located across the Cedar River 1.0 mile down this trail.

28.20 Carry lean-to (the head of canoe navigation on the Cedar River Flow) is on the right. The trail follows old roads along the north and west sides of the Flow.

32.85 Wakely Dam (1.3 miles east of gravel road junction). A trail register is located in the immediate area.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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