Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge

The 65,000-acre Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1975, is in the Felsenthal Basin of south central Arkansas. An intricate system of rivers, creeks, sloughs, and lakes dissects this extensive wetland complex.

The Ouachita and Saline Rivers, whose confluence is the geographic center of the refuge, form the western boundary of the Lower Mississippi River ecosystem. These extensive wetlands, in combination with the pine and upland hardwood forest habitat on the higher ridges, support a diversity of indigenous flora and fauna.

Felsenthal Refuge is home for thousands of migrant and resident waterfowl, marsh and water birds, neotropical migrants, resident wildlife and has the highest density of endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers in the state. The refuge contains some of the region's richest cultural resources with more than 200 known archaeological (Native American) sites.

Wildlife-oriented public use has averaged nearly 300,000 visits annually. The visitor center is a focal point for an extensive outreach program. Management of the 50,000 acres of forest habitat and the 15,000-acre navigation pool, including the world's largest greentree reservoir, is the "backbone" of Felsenthal's complex operational programs.

Opportunities for Public Use: Trails, fishing, wildlife observation, photography, hunting—including youth hunts, environmental education and interpretation, and camping.

Refuge Facts:
Established: 1970
Acres: 65,000
Located in Ashley, Bradley, and Union County, AR
Location: The refuge is located 5 miles west of Crossett, AR, on Highway 82.

Natural History
Felsenthal is the world's largest green-tree reservoir consisting of the 15,000-acre Felsenthal Pool that is more than doubled to 36,000 acres during winter flooding.
Open water: 15,000 acres, bottomland hardwood: 40,000 acres and uplands: 10,000 acres.

P.O. Box 1157
Crossett, AR 71635
Phone: 870-364-3167

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 13 Sep 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication

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