Box-Death Hollow Wilderness

Located in the Dixie National Forest in Utah.

The Box-Death Hollow Wilderness is north of the town of Escalante in south-central Utah. Steep walled canyons with gray-orange crossbedded Navajo sandstone, mesas, and plateaus are the major landforms. The major vegetation includes open stands of overmature ponderosa pine and pinyon-juniper.

The Wilderness is divided into two separate canyon tributaries of the Escalante River. The steeply dipping Escalante monocline, dissected by Pine Creek running north and south, makes up the portion of the Wilderness called "The Box". The gently dipping monocline to the east of The Box contains the headwaters of the Death Hollow Creek, the second major tributary.

The major part of the wilderness consists of exposed bedrock, mostly sandstone and limestone and pinyon covered plateaus. Summer temperatures in the Wilderness range from highs in the 90's to lows in the mid 60's, depending upon elevation.

Wildlife includes mule deer, elk in the winters, cougars and many species of birds including the golden eagle and American Kesterel. Three of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources sensitive species that exist in the area are the Lewis Woodpecker, western bluebird, and mountain bluebird. Pine creek supports and introduces brown and rainbow trout population.

The Wilderness receives moderate to light use in the spring and fall by backpackers, hikers, and fishermen.

The Box-Death Hollow Wilderness is adjacent to the BLM managed Phipps-Death Hollow Outstanding Natural Area and Calf Creek Recreation Area. Hikers through Death Hollow generally must hike out through the Phipps-Death Hollow Outstanding Natural Area.

There are no developed trails within the Box-Death Hollow Wilderness. Lower Access, Upper Box Access, and Death Hollow access are all signed on Forest Roads. Most hiking in The Box is in and out Pine Creek. Wading or swimming maybe necessary. There is generally no water in the wilderness.

For more information contact: The Dixie National Forest.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 20 May 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication

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