Berryman National Recreation Trail

The Berryman hiking trail in central Missouri traverses 24 miles through a variety of scenic Ozark countryside. It winds through timbered stands of oak, pine and bottomland hardwoods - climbing switchback fashion, from low bottoms to high cherty ridges. Interesting flora and fauna abound in the old fields, gladelike rock outcroppings and deep forest. Trail users are insured a measure of solitude and quiet. as motor vehicles are prohibited on the trail. Mountain bikes are permitted on the trail; however, users must yield the right-of-way when encountering horseback riders.

The trail starts at Berryman Campground, the site of a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp of the same name from 1937 till the onset of World War II. The camp was jointly operated by the U.S. Army and the Forest Service and had a resident force of 300 men. Several old barracks foundations and an old well are the only remnants of the camp itself but many roads and pine plantations in the area are enduring reminders of the good works done by these men.

Recreation Facilities

The Berryman Trail has two vehicle access trailhead developments. Camping is permitted anywhere along the trail. Mileage markers are located at intervals along the trail. They start at Berryman Camp, with numeric values increasing proceeding clockwise around the loop trail.

Berryman Campground

There are 8 camping units and 3 picnic units with tables and fireplaces, sanitary facilities, parking, hitching rack, and a stock water pond -- no drinking water or trash disposal.

Berryman Campground is located approximately one mile north of State Highway 8, between Potosi and Steelville (approximately 16 miles west of Potosi or 19 miles east of Steelville).

Brazil Creek Campground

There are 8 camping units with tables and fireplaces, sanitary facilities, parking, hitching rack, stock water in the creek -- no drinking water or trash disposal.

Brazil Creek Campground is located approximately six miles north of Berryman Campground, via Forest Roads 2266 and 2265 and State Highway W, or can be accessed from Bourbon via State Highway N and W (approximately 17 miles).

District Ranger
Potosi Ranger District
Highway 8 West
P.O. Box 188
Potosi, MO 63664

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 13 May 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication

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