Serious mountaineering and winter camping often calls for serious footwear like hard-plastic, crampon-friendly boots.  But when you finally reach the end of the day, the feeling of freedom from those boots beats out even shedding a World Cup-tight ski boot. But unlike hanging by the fire in a warm lodge, après in the backcountry means colder temps as the evening fades into night. That’s where the Radler Trail Camp Boots excel.  They zip together at the soles when not in use, which means they take a fraction of pack space that would otherwise be swallowed by another pair of kicks.  When you’re ready, unzip ‘em and nestle your feet in more than 14 ounces of water-resistant, breathable Thermolite insulation. The outsoles are made of twin rubbers that give you the perfect degree of protection and traction, and the next day you can zip ‘em closed and stash them in your pack, where they’ll be waiting.

Bonus: we’re seeing clearance sales of up to 50 percent off these shoes!
This March, Princeton Tec will unveil a new outdoor/all-purpose headlamp that should hit the sweet spot for weekend warriors and backpackers looking to light up the backcountry (or brave a power outage).  The design of the Vizz itself is nearly idiot-proof, with one big button—and that’s about it. Press the button once and you illuminate two ultra-bright red LEDs, press it twice and get dual ultra-bright white LEDs. You can also hold the button down to cycle through the modes, which includes a 150-lumin max-bright LED that can illuminate up to 90 feet. The Vizz is waterproof down to one meter for up to half an hour, and runs on three AAA batteries—with a built-in power meter to let you how much juice you’ve got left in the estimated 160-hour run time; a low-battery indicator also triggers when you’re down to 20 percent.
Weighing in at a whispery 12.3 ounces, the new Spark is a 850-fill waterproof down sleeping bag that’s primed to become a minimalist’s favorite outdoor resting place.  The bag is rated to 46 degrees and packs down to the size of a softball. It’ll be out this August in both regular and long lengths. The 10D Pertex Quantum shell is treated with DWR water repellency, with a soft-touch nylon interior. Through-hikers, adventure races, and dedicated minimalists will love the bag’s awesome weight-to-warmth ratio.
This inventive flashlight from Snow Peak reminds us of a lavaliere microphone. You clip the battery pack to…wherever (belt, pack, tent pole, tree branch). Then you affix the powerful magnet on the light to another location—the brim of your baseball cap, the seam of your coat, your shoulder strap, a fold or pocket in a tent; the magnetic is strong enough to make a connection through your fingertip. It’s a fun, highly versatile way of directing up to 70 lumens of illumination where you want it. You can also nestle it on the batter pack itself to create more subdued ambient light.

It runs on three AAA batteries, runs for 140 hours on the lowest of three settings, and will hit the shelves in late March/early April.
We honestly didn’t think that Stanley—who’s been making great food and beverage containers since 1913—could improve upon their Classic Flask. But they proved us wrong. This spring, be sure to save a Jackson for their new eCycle Flask.

This eight-ounce container is made from recycled (and recyclable) plastic, and it boasts two lids—an attached bottle-style screw-top, and a large hinge top. The latter open the top wide for a thorough cleaning, so you can use this flask for any variety of drink (mixed or straight, non-alcoholic or otherwise) without worrying about lingering tastes or smells. The dishwasher-safe flask is also leak-proof. Better still, thanks to the wide-mouth opening, you can also use this flask as a makeshift dry box for your various electronic must-haves….