Of all the gear we use, nothing gets more day-to-day wear than our socks; when we find a killer pair, we don’t isolate their use for only for outdoor pursuits. If you share our passion (or if you’re in the market for the perfect pair of socks for hiking or biking or backpacking), 2013 will indeed be bright. We’ve been testing several pair of Keen’s new Olympus socks, and they’re some of the best that have ever graced our feet.  Made of 45% merino wool (the miracle fabric that gives ya no-itch, warm-when-wet, wicking comfort, and doesn’t retain odors), these babies also boast high-tenacity nylon fibers integrated into the heel and toe for extreme comfort and durability.  The asymmetrical socks are designed to fit on your right or left foot (with handy R and L stitched inside a yellow triangle at the toe), so they don’t bunch or sag, and the seamless toe assures you don’t get clumps of fabric underfoot—a surefire way to develop blisters. And the “wunderseam” that marries the fabric at the toe slides under your foot, a perfectly unobtrusive solution.  Finally, mesh panels allow for essential venting.  Best yet, these things are destined to last a long time.  Those nylon fibers are, weight-for-weight, stronger than steel.  We’ve been wear-testing a few models (both the Lite Crew as well as the Medium Crew, which will retail for $22) into the ground while hiking, biking, climbing, traveling, and wandering the city and Suburban Streets, and they fit and function as if they were brand new.
Available spring 2013

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