This is best sun protection for a mountain man on the face of the planet.  I live with five-o’clock shadow and sunscreen creams just don’t rub in well, they make me look like a grey-haired ghost.  Keihl’s Cross-Terrain applies quick and clear and comes in a burly hockey puck-style container that I can leave in my pack or pocket to get smashed around during a tumble or a long travel and won’t leak or burst open make a mess.  Its viscosity provides protection from extreme winds and is a worthy lip balm, so I don’t have to carry two items.  In a pinch, after weather forced a retreat from Half Dome, I used it to lubricate  some extremely chaffed body parts and found some clutch relief.  SPF 50 means I put it on once, even at the highest altitudes, during the longest surf sessions and in the most extreme elements.

-JT Holmes

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