Top Ten Canoe, Kayak, and Raft Camping Trips

Top Ten Canoe, Kayak & Raft Camping Trips

In the world of hiking there are day hikes and then there are backpacking trips, where you go out for two days or 90, letting yourself sink into the rhythm of the day, the seasons, and your stride. The same distinction can be made in canoeing, kayaking and rafting. A long day's paddle is great. But sooner or later, most day trip paddlers fantasize about taking a longer journey.

One advantage of using a boat to venture into the wild is that you can carry more stuff. Your tent can be just a little bit bigger. You can pack a few more clothes and pile on the field guides. A coffee pot will not be out of the question. And rather than just sticking to freeze-dried glop and instant Japanese noodles, you can plan menus with more fresh ingredients. Maybe even a bottle of wine.

GORP has selected ten worthy camping expeditions for paddlers. Some are most suited for open canoe, others touring kayak; a few trips can be made in an inflatable raft. So pick your region and make a trip.



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