Why Have Sex In The Outdoors

A Humorous Look at an Essential Camping Skill
Sex on the River

Excerpted from Sex in the Outdoors by Robert Rose, M.D. and Buck Tilton, M.S.
Illustrated by Marc Bohne

''Do bears poop in the woods? You bet. But that's not all they do!"
—Smokey the Bear

More and more people are striving toward a closer relationship with the wild and good green earth that birthed all life. Henry David Thoreau and John Muir wanna-be's across this great land understand instinctively, on a gut level, that humanity has moved too far from its wilderness roots. Green individuals by the millions are actively seeking to reverse this trend by spending spare moments, weekends, and extended periods of time in the outdoors. This process of reconnecting to the natural world entails becoming familiar with one's natural activities in a wilderness setting so that the things one does naturally indoors become things one does naturally outdoors. At its best, sex in the outdoors should be exceptionally normal. At its very best, sex in the outdoors should be normally exceptional. The point is this: Since sex is normal, sex in the outdoors should be normal. It's time to get sex out from underneath the covers and back in the open where it belongs.

An Expression of Oneness with Nature

Sex is a many splendored thing. One of the splendored things sex in the outdoors can be is an expression of oneness with nature—perhaps the most beautiful expression. Like most species, humans have evolved naturally into a physical shape that lends itself to sex. Almost every other species on this earth does"the wild thing" in the natural world, i.e., outdoors, and some of them are doing it somewhere right now, even as you read this. If you really want to re-establish your active membership in the brotherhood and sisterhood of all fauna (and flora, for that matter), you should be having sex in the outdoors. Next time you're doing "it" in the outdoors, think of your act as a ceremonial rite, a bonding of yourself to the natural world. Let yourself contact the rhythm of the universe through the rhythmic movement of your personal dance with nature. Let yourself feel, through your emotional high, the threads connecting you to the cosmos. Let yourself join, through your coming together, the fertile continuum of all life.

An Expression on Oneness with another Oneness

Since it is impossible for any two people to draw physically closer together than when they have sex, it has been argued that there is no greater expression of oneness between a twoness than sex. If you're already into feeling universal rhythms and cosmic threads because you're outdoors, then this expression of oneness with another oneness should, understandably, reach new highs. Of course, it can be also be argued that sex in the indoors can be just as expressive . . . but the view isn't as good.

An Expression of Ecosensitivity

For those individuals with a growing sense of concern about humanity as a destructive force among fragile ecosystems, and for those whose concern has led to an inclination toward preservation of dwindling wild lands, it may be helpful to realize that sex in the outdoors can be a most expressive way to show ecosensitivity. In fact, sex in the outdoors may be the most environmentally sound activity in which one can engage while in pristine wilderness areas. Strip poker, for example, is far less disruptive than strip mining. (Note: There is that one notable exception from Montana in the early '60s where an entire tract of virgin forest bordering a hippie commune was decimated in a single night. It is exceptions, however, that make the rules!) Despite claims from the ecofringe crowd, there is absolutely no evidence that sex in the outdoors contributes to acid rain in any manner whatsoever. Neither does it have a detrimental effect on the ozone (with the exception, once again, of that one night in Montana). No other species has ever been pushed to extinction by human sex in the outdoors, nor has another species even been endangered . . . although a few have admittedly been embarrassed. (Note: More information about embarrassed species may be obtained from the US Department of Agriculture. Ask for the Embarrassed Species List.) If one chooses location and technique carefully, and observes a few basic rules of etiquette, long-term alteration of watersheds and weather patterns can be avoided, and the creation and distribution of toxic wastes can be eliminated (see Etiquette). Remember: Only you can prevent forest fires!

New Dimension

For many city folk, there's something mysterious and fascinating about those people who go wandering into the wild places. Those of you who are among the wanderers-in-wild-places, and who also could use an additional dimension to your dull and in-desperate-need-of-an-improved-image sex life, consider this: There are possibly millions of would-be partners in the cities, fascinated by the mystique surrounding you (even though you know better), who just might be snookered into a foray into the wild. This very same person, who rolls his or her eyes behind your back when you make those tired, predictable, city-fied come-on's in the office may thrill to the suggestion of a moonlight hike up Pike's Peak. Somehow, it triggers a different response than your offer of a midnight stroll through Central Park . . . unarmed. Opening Line to Remember: "How 'bout we go down on, er, I mean, to the Wildlife Preserve this weekend, Doris?"

The corollary to the above idea is this: Sex in the outdoors can also bring an added dimension to your otherwise wild but increasing-difficult-to-maintain-the-image-of sex life. For those who expend lots of energy creating and maintaining a grandiose public image of their sex life, there's always the danger of running out of material. You can only relate so many variations on your urban/suburban sexual experiences to fellow travelers on the subway before the crowd starts to yawn. Outdoor sexual scenarios, on the other hand, are virtually limitless and offer, additionally, the aura of the exotic and/or primitive. Even a mediocre story-teller can get great mileage out of the wilderness milieu. After all, how many people actually know how far it is up Pike's Peak?

As Therapy?

The great vices of today seem to be: 1) Struggling to be on time, 2) Struggling to make the best use of time, and 3) Struggling in a brief span of time to "achieve" and "succeed." What all this struggling produces is unhappiness, lack of peace, disassociation and, finally, in the extreme, a bundle of psychotic disorders. But what a dynamic combo sex and the outdoors can be to reduce stress and improve one's self image! Ah, the healing power of the natural world combined with the healing power of the sex act. You may find here the ultimate therapeutic effect. Of course, many people have found this tack never works, but, hey, it's worth a try. Opening Line to Remember: "Let's go out to the national park, baby, and we can both reduce a little stress!"

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Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 4 Dec 2012
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